Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have denim. All denim all the time.
Well, the time of the mid 30s to mid 40s.

Chicago Mail order 1935

Montgomery Wards 1935

Chicago Mail Order 1941

Montgomery Wards 1941

Sears 1943


Aubrey Silver said...

I just love Catalog Sunday! Thank you so much for posting all these great photos.

Our Heroine said...

Wow, looking at the women's selections it's no wonder they wore men's clothes. Women's overalls: 2.2oz cloth, men's: 8oz! I do like the fitted bibs on some of the women's garments.

NewVintageLady said...

Yeah, the women's denim was pretty skimpy. No more than a medium weight till in most cases.

Puddlefoot said...

I love those men's bandtop jeans. I'm planning to make my gardener husband some work pants and those would look gorgeous on him! Does anyone know of a good base pattern I could work off of?

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